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These are unsolved issues and therefore not covered by the Tips and FAQ
If you find unknown problems or have solutions to those given below please Report them and I'll update this page.

Archive limitations.

I've noticed a few strange limitations with certain archive programs when extracting Zip files. "WizArc" refuses to overwrite files when extracting and "Voodoo-X" will not re-create empty directories from archives. I'm not sure if these little issues occur with other archive formats. "Packmaster" and "Dopus ArcExt" (both which use the reliable shell executable) don't suffer from these limitations, so I advise giving priority to those for decompressing.

Scalos popup menu

The system freezes if you attempt to open the popup menu too quickly after loading a program. For instance, if Reorg was selected from the popup menu and the user right clicks again immediately after, the system will freeze. Testing done on a real Amiga and found to be repeatable by other users. The issue hardly ever presents itself unless you're trying to use multiple features/programs as quickly as possible from the popup menu.

Other Scalos issues

These may be fixed in the latest official beta available from here. ClassicWB currently uses the latest public release (non-beta) - 1.2d

CyberBugFix and Novacoder's SCUMMVM

CyberBug Fix helps save Chipram, but it is a hack and can cause problems with Novacoder's SCUMMVM packages. It may also cause problems in other situations as yet unreported, so might be worth disabling for troubleshooting

TinyMeter and Boot Hang

In certain random situations, TinyMeter causes a freeze or hang on boot in WinUAE. It seems senstive to boot priority order in the WBStartup drawer and I'm not sure if it happens on real Amigas. If you experience this, enter the MultiBoot options by holding down the right mouse button and enter a safe mode to disable TinyMeter

Copper Demon

Copper Demon can cause compatibility problems with certain programs. One example is the CD32 emulator, so please disable it if you are experiencing problems with a particular program.

Another issue may be a display-positioning problem when stepping up from PAL/NTSC modes to Productivity/DBL-PAL/NTSC. Again this can be solved by exiting Copper Demon before switching screens. In order to confirm this I'll need to do some testing on my A1200 in the future.

Icon information in Dopus

Since Dopus 416 isn't compatible with Newicons, I had to replace the internal "Icon Info" command with an alternative. This works fine, except for icons that have spaces in their names - the requester refuses to open. Normally, using quotation marks solves such problems in scripts but won't in this case. Therefore when dealing with such rare icon names, use the default Scalos "Info" command on the Icon from the Workbench popup menu.

Icon edit and creation limitations

Iconian and PPaint can be used to create NewIcons in 256 colours. If the resulting icon is too big (in kilobytes) however (usually occurs in multi-image icons), the programs can either crash or don't create a working icon. This can be solved by either making the icons in 128 colours or lower, using single image icons or using Image2Icon instead.

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